[New Arrivals!] YAKUSHIDO Son Bayu Horse Oil - Japanese women's best kept secret to porcelain skin!

NEW Item: Son Bahyu Horse Oil in a tube - 30ml

Hot favorite multi-purpose SON BAHYU is now available in an easy-to-carry tube. An excellent travel companion convenient to be carried around. Suitable as an anti-stretchmark cream AND safe to be used from head to toe, from preventing split ends to chapped skin, cracked lips to dry elbows and knees. It also helps to sooth sore nipples for breastfeeding moms! Protects skin, and provides moisture to prevent dryness and heals mosquito bites too. 100% natural. Suitable for all ages. Ordorless, fragrance-free and chemical-free.
An excellent travel companion!

Price: $28 (Free Normal Postage)

Japan award winning product: YAKUSHIDO Son Bahyu Horse Oil collection

2007 Japan Cosme Award Hall of Fame
No. 1 Oil in 2006
No. 1 Oil cream in 2005

YAKUSHIDO SON BAHYU is 100% horse oil is a moisturizer suitable for the whole body.

It keeps skin healthy, promotes skin’s self-healing ability, and replenishes nutrients to skin. It promotes metabolism and relieves tired muscles. It is suitable for sunburned skin. It prevents skin dryness and relieves chapped skin in dry weather.

Horse oil is 100% natural and does no harm to human body at all. Suitable for all - the elderly, adults, children and babies.

Medicinal Research

The medicinal benefits of horse oil is recorded in the Chinese "Compendium of Materia Medica" written in the 16th century. According to the record, horse oil can promote hair growth, prevent freckles, treats piles and chapped skin, as well as relieves tired muscles.

明朝的李时珍在《本草纲目》(兽部)记载马油有 [生发,治疗色斑、雀斑、痤疮和手脚皴裂、冻疮等皮肤病以及神经痛、肌肉痛等功效]。 五、六世纪名医师陶弘景《名医别录》称马驹油有“生发”功能。

According to a Japanese research article "馬油による皮膚の保湿効果の検討" published in
Nishinihon Journal of Dermatology, Vol.66; No.6; pp. 621-624 (2004)

"The moisturizing effect on the skin of horse oil that resembles the fatty acid composition of human sebum and contains a large amount of linolic acid was investigated. Horse oil applied to seven healthy females was shown to increase water and oil content in the horny layer. Examination of the fatty acid composition of the oil remaining on the surface of the skin two hours after application revealed a
clear decrease in linolic acid content. The increase in water and oil content in the skin due to local application of horse oil was an important contribution to the structure of the skin to maintain its function as a barrier, mainly as a result of absorption of linolic acid by the skin.

These findings indicate that horse oil as a preparation for external use is suitable for maintaining the health and moisture of skin through percutaneous administration."



A MUST-HAVE especially if you're going travelling for a winter holiday!

Instead of bringing many bottles cream for your children and yourself, why not just bring along ONE bottle of Son Bahyu?

The 100% natural product works for all skin types, including senstive skin. Besides being an excellent facial moisturiser, it is known for its healing benefits for:

+ Eczema - Relieves itchiness and redness
+ Stretchmarks - helps to prevent, minimise and reduce stretchmark scars
+ Cuts/burnt/scalded skin - speed up healing of wounds and cuts on burnt/scalded skin
+ Chapped skin - reduce itchiness and moisturises chapped skin
+ Dry skin - moisturising hand & body cream
+ Cracked and dry lips - moisturises naturally & promotes healing
+ Cracked Heels and elbows - moisturises immediately!
+ Insect bites - relieves itchiness and heals quickly
+ Split ends - prevents and heals split ends and promotes hair growth

For breastfeeding mummies, SonBayu helps to relieve sore and painful nipples too.

And if you still have some leftover, apply some on your eyelashes for amazing lengthening effect. :)

How to use it:

1. As a body moisturiser, apply an appropriate amount to parts in need.
2. As a facial mosituriser (Son Bayu No.7 recommended), it is recommended to apply this immediately after cleansing. Massage gently into the skin. If you have the time, you can put on a warm towel for better absorption (Japanese ladies' beauty routine). Continue to apply other products 5-6 minutes after the application of SonBayu.

Country of origin: Japan

Storage: Please store away from direct sunlight and heat and moisture. Considering our weather, it is recommended to store in the fridge for long term use.

Direct imports from Japan:

Item 1: Son Bahyu cream (100% addictive free Horse oil) - 70ml

The award winning 100% horse oil cream was refined without use of any chemicals. Penetrates quickly and keeps your skin moist and healthy. Non-greasy and suitable to use as a base foundation as well as using on hands and face. Ordorless. Suitable for all skin type. Chemical free. Fragrance free. Preservative free.

Natural horse oil cream is an excellent relief to redness and itchiness caused by eczema. It helps to prevent, minimise and reduce scars and stretchmarks.

Price: S$35 (Free Normal postage)
Ingredient: 100% Horse oil (Unscented)

Item 2: Son Bahyu cream with cypress - 75ml

Made from 100% Horse oil from Japan. Horse oil purified without using any chemicals. Cypress fragrance oil infused into the cream. Penetrates quickly and keeps your skin moist and healthy. Non-greasy and suitable to use as a base foundation as well as on hands and face. SON BAHYU not only protects your skin but its fragrance will help you feel refreshed.

Price: S$38 (Free Normal Postage)
Ingridient: Horse oil with cypress fragrance

Item 3: Son Bayu No. 7 - 60ml - THE BEST KEPT BEAUTY SECRET!!!

"Son Bayu No.7" is made from the heaviest components of horse oil, creating a superior cosmetic product and the secret to Japanese women's porcelain skin. Penetrates deep into the skin, with a smooth texture. Perfect for dry skin. Made from 100% purified natural horse oil from Japan. Fragrance free, chemical free and ordorless. Helps to achieve fresh and healthy skin with simple care. Apply after wash.

Price: S$55 (Free Normal Postage)

Item 4: Son Bayu in liquid form - 55ml

SON BAYU Liquid is a liquid type horse oil extracted and refined from only the lightest liquid part in density of horse oil. Suitable as a makeup base in the morning AND can be used from head to toe, from preventing split ends to chapped skin, cracked lips to dry elbows and knees. Heals mosquito bites too! Protects skin, and provides moisture to prevent dryness. 100% natural. Suitable for all ages. Ordorless, fragrance-free and chemical-free.

Price: S$35 (Free Normal Postage)

Review from a regular user:
I bought Son Bahyu Liquid oil for both my daughter and mum and now they are the fans of this product. My 4 year old daughter suffers from frequent nose bleed. Doc advice to dap some vaseline to the interior of the nose to keep it moist. Since vaseline is petroleum based, I decided to use liquid horse oil instead (IMHO, its natural and safer) and I have to say it works pretty well so far. As an added bonus, it helps to calm her mosquito bites too! My mum has very dry and itchy skin and she said that this is the only product that helps to keep her skin supple and itch-free. Two thumbs up! Highly recommended! :)